Faithful Builders Campaign

God is doing wonderful things at Mission ONE. He’s BUILDING OUR HOUSE!

God has always placed innovative mission strategies on the heart of Mission ONE leaders. Cross-cultural partnership and empowering indigenous Christian leaders have always been the DNA of our ministry. Now God is adding to that — holistic community transformation through missional business and an honor-shame hermeneutic for deeper and more impactful understanding of the gospel.

Amazingly, in his infinite wisdom, God has selected our relatively unknown mission agency to help pioneer new paths in the world Christian movement. Here are the ways God is leading us to pursue these new and innovative mission strategies:

  • We are planning 15 missional businesses for holistic community transformation in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East — resulting in sustainable indigenous ministries that make disciples and plant churches.
  • We are developing training resources for the proliferation of an honor-shame hermeneutic to make the gospel more resonant among peoples and cultures worldwide.
  • We are creating training resources to empower local leaders in missional business development centers through our partnering Indigenous Mission Organizations in Africa, Asia, and Middle East.
  • We are expanding Mission ONE partnerships to include strategic collaborations with individuals, churches, businesses, foundations, mission organizations, and more. We are partnering to grow God’s kingdom.

In order to properly steward these Spirit-led initiatives, we’ve begun to recruit additional staff; pursue new church, foundation, and business partnerships; and collaborate with other like-minded mission organizations. Plus, we’ve added relationships with new indigenously-led mission organizations.

As our vision and mission grow, so does our need for capacity.

In Isaiah 53, the prophet told of the Messiah to come who would reconcile all nations to God. In the very next chapter the Lord told his people: “Enlarge your house; build an addition. Spread out your home, and spare no expense. For soon you will be bursting at the seams” (Isaiah 54:2–3 NLT). This is exactly what we discern God leading us to do at Mission ONE!

Will you help us “enlarge our house” in preparation for the anticipated harvest through these new initiatives at Mission ONE?

Here’s how you can help:

  1. If you have not committed to supporting Mission ONE yet, will you start now? Any recurring gift, at any level makes a difference. Start with something!
  2. If you already give a recurring gift, thank you! We are grateful for your faithful commitment and generosity. May I be bold and ask you to prayerfully consider doing more — to “spare no expense”? Will you increase your recurring gift — by 25%, 50%, even 100%, or more?
  3. Do you give occasionally or sporadically? If so, thank you! We are grateful to God for your donations. However, may I ask you to consider giving either monthly or quarterly? This will allow us to more accurately predict our income and budget more effectively.
  4. Finally, if recurring gifts are not possible for you, will you prayerfully consider a one-time gift now to help us “build our house” at Mission ONE?
Here’s how your gifts will be used:
Support for Director of Communications Ministry   $6,500
Support for Global Ambassador Ministry   $5,000
Support of Ministry Assistant   $1,500
TOTAL   $13,000

Our goal is a $13,000 increase in monthly donations BY THE END OF 2017. Will you help us “build our house” to properly steward the vision?

We’re looking for FAITHFUL BUILDERS! Will you be one?

To participate in the Faithful Builders Campaign, you may give online at our donation page. All gifts to Mission ONE are tax-deductible.

I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to serve you, our staff, our partnering Indigenous Mission Organizations, and most of all—King Jesus!

Your servant in Christ,


Paul Clayton