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Update from Rev. Idris Nalos in Juba, South Sudan

Over the past several months, South Sudan has experienced horrific tribal conflict that has taken the lives of thousands and displaced tens of thousands more. Those unable to flee to neighboring countries have been clinging to life amidst unthinkable insecurity and suffering.

Mission ONE made known this crisis in South Sudan to friends back in July—and many generously responded. This aid has helped relieve the desperate need among a remnant of believers that Pastor Idris Nalos, leader of Reach Out Ministry in South Sudan, is shepherding.

In early January 2017, Mission ONE President Paul Clayton and Founder/Global Ambassador Bob Schindler received an email from Mission ONE partner Idris Nalos.

Pastor Idris wrote of a miraculous intervention by God that significantly reduced the violence in the streets.

The result of this miracle was that key government leaders of South Sudan “formed a peace committee, giving strict orders to the army to shoot down any criminal that steals and brutally kills people during the day or night, and to search for illegal guns and arrest those who shoot randomly at 01-01 am, marking the new year.”

Idris also said, “Since that day Juba has become much more secure. People are able to sleep at night and move freely during the day.”

Praise the Lord!

Despite the decrease in violence and fear in Juba, there is still widespread food insecurity and hunger. Idris finished his email to Paul and Bob with these words:

So continue to pray for us. With regard to the relief funds, I have distributed the last portion. I told the people to look to God for His miracles and pray for those whom God has touched their hearts—to kindly provide for them out of their poverty, like the Church of Macedonia in United States of America.

I will always pray for both of you as you continue to carry the burdens of poor churches. I know how difficult it is to seek the throne of God on our behalf, so that He may touch generous hearts to give.

If you would like to send a gift to help those who are suffering in South Sudan, please do so above. Thank you.

Idris & Mary Nalos, Team Leaders

Overview: Reach Out Ministries (ROM) South Sudan has been a Mission ONE partner since 1991. ROM’s ministry includes evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and training of church leaders and laymen.

Their evangelistic activities include house to house visitation, praying for the sick, open air meetings, radio ministry, prayer meetings, literature distribution, and working with women, children, and refugees. 

ROM South Sudan is led by Idris Nalos. Mission ONE founder, Bob Schindler, met Idris on his first mission trip to Africa in 1988. God used Idris’s testimony and ministry (and the testimony and ministry of Wilfred Githongo from Kenya) to deeply influence Bob’s heart, which led to the founding of Mission ONE in 1991. Bob and Idris have maintained a close personal friendship ever since.

The city of Juba, where ROM in headquartered, is the capital of the newest country in the world, South Sudan, which became a separate nation on July 9, 2011. Idris requests prayer for “peace so that we can take the Gospel to every [unreached] tribe…”

Countries: South Sudan. Peoples served: Denka, Murle, Nuer, Nuba, Anyuak, Acholi, Luluba, Madi, Mundari, Bari, Fur, Asholi, Kiresh, Bongo, Zagawa, and four groups of Bari tribes. Results since 1991: 2,836 Professions of faith in Christ, 83 Churches planted. Team members: 15